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All Indicators are Top Secret No Repaint Indicators that provide accurate Buy and Sell Signals that helps you rule the Markets. The EAs in the bundle give you 100-200% guaranteed ROI per month. These specialized tools for Binary Options, Derive Algorithms, Cryptos, Forex, Stocks, Boom and Crash are all yours after making a small donation.

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90% of FOREX Traders always trade to donate money to the Brokers. The 10% who win have their secrets. These secret tools will help you master the Markets and join the 10% who rule the world. This Giveaway is only available for a limited time. Enjoy it while it lasts. You only need a small donation to get them all. This is a lifetime opportunity.

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Forex Fury EA Version 4 is by far the best and most result oriented EA in the world. It is a fully automated trading robot that trades the market round the clock. This EA has consistently delivered 93% profitable trades since 2015 which could be verified here on MyFxBook. This Robot has currently grown a $3,000 deposit to $23,000 on MyFxBook. Useful for Beginners and Pros. Best for USD/JPY.



Sun EA is also a fully automated trading robot. It trades 24/5 without news filter. It is easy to setup with default settings and It works with most brokers. It has a Draw Down of 30%. SUN EA has consistently traded the markets profitably since its creation. This EA delivers 100-200% ROI on a monthly basis with 80% Win Rate as confirmed by Strategy Tester Report. 


Trade Manager Harmonics EA
Manager Harmonics

Trade Manager Harmonics is arguably one of the best EAs in the world. A fully automatic Expert Advisor that can actually outsmart the market by placing BUY and SELL orders using advanced technology to place orders at the right time with the right lot. Most of the inner parameters are hidden from users so that even a Beginner cannot mistakenly mess it up. 


Free Premium Indicators
1000 Pips Climber

During a two and half year period of using this System, we achieved about 1,400 Pips per month trading on its 3 time frames and six forex pairs. The drawdowns were always kept at the minimum while using this System. The System provides very clear and accurate signals. It will give you accurate Entry Price, Take Profit, Stop Loss and Signal Expiry Time for every single trade. It is one of the best trading systems in the world.


Boom and Crash Spike Hunter
Boom and Crash Spike Hunter

This Indicator was specially created for hunting Boom and Crash Spikes. This is the best Indicator for trading Boom and Crash without getting hurt by Deriv's Algorithms. This Indicator's Winning rate is over 90% and 100% no repaint, It alerts you of impending Spikes about 30 - 100 seconds before the Spike happens. Crazy Spike Catcher, another great Indicator is included in your download. Both Indicators have made several millionaires in the Synthetic Indices Market.

Best Forex eBook
The Black Book of Forex Trading PDF

This is one of the best FOREX Trading eBooks you would ever read. This book has made many Pro Traders. The ideas and strategies in the eBook can be generally applied to all markets: Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Binaries, etc. Another Premium eBook, The Forex Trading Course written by Abe Cofnas is also included in this bundle. These books would make you the Master of the Markets.

Non Repaint Accurate Indicators

Indicators That Have Been Helping Pro Traders Since 2015
Worth Over $2,500
Binary Destroyer
Binary Destroyer

Created in 2015 and now in its 8th version. This is one of the best Indicators in the World. It contains 5 powerful strategies weaved into one Indicator. Useful for Trading all Markets (Binary Options, Forex, Crypto, Stocks, etc.) with 90% signal accuracy. BUY when the Green Dot appears, and SELL when you see the Red Dot. 

PIP Hunter Indicator
Pip Hunter

One of the most sought-after Indicators in the world. This Indicator's accuracy is legendary. BUY when you see the Blue Dot, Set your Profit Target to 40 pips. SELL when you see the Red Dot. Set your profit target to 40 pips as well. Use it to trade any Market (Forex, Crypto, etc.) It is very easy to use, both for Beginners and Pros alike.

Forex Gump Indicator
Forex Gump

Also one of the best Indicators in the world. BUY when you see the Blue Arrow, Place Stop Loss below the Previous Swing Low. Exit Buy Trade when the Red Arrow appears. Open a SELL Trade when you see the Red Arrow. Place your Stop Loss above the previous Swing High Price. Exit Sell Trades when the Blue Arrow appears.

R2 Arrow
R2 Arrow 

This Indicator can give you trading signals for very profitable trades. Traders of all experience levels can use this Indicator. 

Super Trend Indicator
Super Trend Indicator

Catches very profitable trades for you. You can select the Aggressive or Conservative trading method from the Indicator settings.

Non Repaint Indicators
R2 Arrow Binary System

The green arrows of this Indicator tells you to enter a BUY trade, while the red arrows signal a SELL Trade. This is a very accurate Indicator.

Pass Your FTMO Challenge in 12 Days

FTMO is a Prop Firm that funds Forex traders to trade and share profits. Prop Firms provide up to $1,000,000 in trading funds to participants who exhibit discipline and use profitable strategic trading skills. .

Participants are required to first pass a trading challenge that has strict trading rules for a target profit before they can get funded. Once you get funded, you are entitled to 70% - 90% of the profits you generate per month. Prop Firms take 10% - 30% of the profit you generate.

We can help you pass any Prop Firm challenge, FTMO, XLTRADE, 5ers, SurgeTrade, etc. Our aim is to help you get at least 10% monthly profit and attain financial freedom. We would help you pass your challenge in 12 days. You would go home with $14,000 monthly if you make 10% on a $1,000,000 funded account per month.

We have very limited slots available. Talk to us today if you would like to pass your challenge and get funded as quickly as possible.

Pass Your FTMO Challenege

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Thanks for these awesome resources. I initially decided never to trade Forex again due to many losses I had in the past. Now, my trading has improved greatly after I installed the Pip Hunter Indicator. I am now set to recover my losses. I'm glad I made the right decision.

Free No Repaint Indicators

Lekan Abejide


I'm awed by the performance of Forex Fury EA. I never knew such superb trading robot exists in the Forex Market. I've lost so much money buying useless trading strategies and EAs. Now, I am all smiles and all money.

Free No Repaint Indicators

Kelvin Okon


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